Peugeot AfterCare

Peugeot AfterCare


Peugeot AfterCare 

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The pleasurable experience of taking delivery of your new Peugeot should not end the moment you drive it out of the dealership. That’s where the Peugeot Aftercare experience begins.

Aftercare embodies Peugeot’s commitment that every new car should look and perform like new for years to come.  This promise covers all aspects of the Peugeot ownership experience, from regular servicing and ready availability of parts, to behind-the-scenes support programs such as Peugeot Roadside Assistance, Insure My Peugeot, the 3 year/100,000km new vehicle warranty, Extended Warranty Assurance programs and many more.  The latest additions to the Aftercare suite of benefits are the Assured Service Plan and the Peugeot Preferred Panel network.

It all adds up to total Peugeot peace-of-mind.  A  hassle-free, uncomplicated ownership experience which leaves you clear simply to enjoy driving your Peugeot every day.

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