Carbon Sink

Operation Carbon

Carbon Sink Project

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond our cars. In 1998, we set up a major ecological sponsorship by helping to create a 'carbon sink' (an area of plant life specifically set aside and developed to absorb atmospheric CO2) in the Amazon. Over 2 million trees representing 50 different species have been planted, which will allow scientists to study the relationship between reforestation, absorption of CO2 and climate control.

Operation Carbon reflects the determination to fight as directly and effectively as possible against the increasing greenhouse effect. This ecological scheme involves the creation of a carbon sink. It takes the concrete form of large-scale reforestation of deteriorated land and the restoration of biodiversity in the Amazon. Supported by the international scientific community, developed by Peugeot and carried out by the French National Forestry Board (ONF), in partnership with the French-Brazilian NGO Pro-Natura, Operation Carbon has a time frame of about a hundred years, the time needed to restore the balance of this ecosystem.

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