Electronically Controlled Gearbox (EGC)

EGC Electronic Gearbox Control


EGC Electronically Controlled Gearbox

Peugeot's intelligent new transmission technology, EGC Electronic Gearbox Control, is available in the 308 hatch and 508 sedan.

EGC is a manual transmission that is controlled by state-of-the-art electronics. Thus it can be driven either by manually changing gears, without a clutch pedal, or automatically by allowing the electronics, via a robot-controlled clutch, to do all the work.In manual mode, the driver can either change gears sequentially from the gearbox, or by the steering wheel-mounted paddles - F1 style.

In automatic mode, simply put the gear lever in ‘A’ and let the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) do all the work. However, the car will still retain its sporty manual feel to the driver, with precise gear changes.

The driver can alternate between manual and automatic modes at any time, providing greater flexibility for different driving circumstances.The introduction of EGC is timely and relevant in today’s economic climate thanks to its significantly lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions even when compared to an automatic, and even lower than a traditional manual. It is also a more affordable option compared to an automatic transmission.

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