Is my Peugeot compatible with fuel containing ethanol?

Peugeot Automobiles Australia offers this guide, from information provided to us by Automobiles Peugeot, as to which Peugeot models are compatible with the proposed 10% ethanol content in petrol.

For more information relating to the ethanol issue, visit the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries' Ethanol Website.

If you have any further questions about the ethanol issue, please contact us.
Peugeot Models NOT Compatible with ethanol content:
- 205
- 306 (except post 7/97 TU engines)
- 404
- 405
- 504
- 505
- 604
- 605
Peugeot Models Compatible with ethanol content:
All Peugeot models excluding those listed above are compatible with ethanol content. (Minimum 95RON Unleaded Fuel)

Is my Peugeot compatible with Biodiesel?

The use of Biodiesel has been examined by Automobiles Peugeot in consultation with expert representatives from Biodiesel producers, refiners and injection equipment manufactures. The Peugeot HDi range of vehicles can successfully operate on Biodiesel which meets or is equivalent to the EN14214 Standard to a maximum blend of B5. Additionally the end-product fuel must comply with the EN590 standard, that allows a maximum of 5% fatty acid methyl ester content.

Biodiesel fuels which do not meet this standard should not be used as it may affect the longevity and performance of the vehicle and will void elements of the manufacturer’s warranty.