Fleet Manager's Guide

Fleet Manager Guide

Fleet Manager Resources

If you're new to fleet management, have to fit it in with your main role or simply want to check you've got the right idea about something - this guide section could really help you out.


Peugeot Priviledged Pricing

Priviledged pricing

Vehicle cost is one of the first elements to consider when purchasing a car for a business or government fleet. Peugeot offers reassurance by providing both advantageous fleet pricing and a specially negotiated reduced dealer delivery charge. Contact the business manager at your Peugeot Dealer to discuss Peugeot fleet pricing.


Low Peugeot Running Costs

Low running costs

It's not just the price of buying a car that needs to be considered when adding to a company fleet - associated costs such as residual values and servicing make a big difference too - not to mention fuel consumption. That's why we make sure ongoing cost effectiveness is built in to every Peugeot as standard. Peugeots have a history of strong resale values, we offer Menu Price Servicing so there are no surprises, and our HDi diesel technology can significantly lower your company's fuel bill.


Peugeot CO2 Emissions

CO2 Emissions

In today's world, a company's environmental impact is becoming increasingly important. Whether it is reducing the use of paper in the office, printing on recycled paper or providing recycling bins, companies are improving wherever they can. One obvious area is its fleet of cars and the emissions they put out. Peugeot HDi diesel technology could be the answer you've been looking for - with low CO2 emissions without compromising on style, performance or safety.

Check out our HDi consumption and emissions table


Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction

The most important part of any business, after its customers, is its employees. And Peugeot is a cost effective way of showing them your appreciation. No other manufacturer delivers such style with affordability that makes great business sense for you and your company car drivers alike.