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14 09 2011Peugeot Celebrates the One Millionth Peugeot 308


Peugeot 308 press film


Launched in autumn 2007, the 308 has continued along the successful avenue opened up by the 307 since on 5th of September, a few weeks after its remodelling, the millionth 308 – a 1.6 e-HDi car emitting just 98 g/km CO2 – rolled off the production lines in Sochaux.

The successor to the 307, which enabled Peugeot to carve out its position as a major player in the compact family car category the Peugeot 308 was launched on the market in the European autumn of 2007 as a hatch, spring 2008 as an Touring wagon and one year later as a Coupé Cabriolet.

Each body shape met with success: in Q1 2011, the hatch accounted for 69% of the model's sales and the Touring for 22%, while the 308 CC captured 9%.

Although primarily intended for European markets, the 308 has an international calling being marketed in almost 100 countries. By way of example, Russia and Turkey are the 6th and 10th biggest markets respectively.

In April 2011, the new 308 signalled the start of the model's second lease of life on the commercial front. It subtly incorporates the Marque's new style codes: the three body shapes, hatch, Touring and CC, have adopted more high-tech sophistication, with no drop-off in dynamism, as exemplified by the new Xenon headlights with titanium coloured mask.

Although the new 308 intends to confirm the outstanding momentum which the model has achieved since its launch, it now also aims to become a benchmark for environmental efficiency as evidenced by the 25 kg reduction in weight, ultra-low resistance tyres, upgraded aerodynamics and optimised engines.

Its 1.6 HDi FAP Euro 5 engine, boasting ground-breaking Stop&Start e-HDi technology with a reversible alternator, feeds through to emissions of 98 g/km CO2, a record for the segment. Lower consumption for urban use, high levels of comfort and transparent operation, the strong points of the e-HDi versions are reflected in orders for the new 308, of which they account for one third.

On the strength of the first million units produced, its new key assets and an extensive range, the Peugeot 308 is targeting 220,000 sales globally in 2011. The 308 is made at the Sochaux and Mulhouse plants in France, where almost 1,000 units are produced every day.


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