Fleet Services

Fleet Services

The perfect tools for the job

Keeping your fleet in top condition needn’t be hard work. That’s why we have simplified every step of fleet management with a handy set of tools to help ensure that you can always rely on your cars.


Peugeot Evaluation Fleet

Evaluation Fleet

To help you make your fleet purchasing decision, Peugeot Australia maintains a business evaluation fleet. So you can drive our cars in the situations your business will require of them, making sure they are up to the task. We are confident they will be, and after your evaluation, you will be too.

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National Peugeot Service Network

National Service Network - Peugeot AfterCare

We aim to always keep your fleet reliable and your employees safe. And our nation-wide network of authorised Peugeot technicians are dedicated to keeping your vehicles in the best possible condition.

Each Peugeot technician knows your car inside and out and is continually trained and re-assessed on their knowledge and skills. What's more, with the latest Peugeot Diagnostic Tools at hand, defects can be diagnosed and repaired in no time, helping you to keep your fleet where it should be - on the road.


Peugeot Head Office Support

Head Office Support

In addition to the service and assistance provided to you by our national Peugeot Dealer network, Peugeot Australia has a dedicated Business and Fleet team that are ready to provide you with the level of support you have come to expect from your suppliers. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about Peugeot or your fleet - we're happy to help.