Fuel Economy World Records

Peugeot Fuel Economy World Records

Fuel Economy World Records

Peugeot is the proud holder of two Guinness World Records for fuel economy, both set using HDi diesel technology in the tough Australian conditions.

Our first world record was achieved in 2002 for the furthest distance travelled on a single tank - 2,348km (Melbourne to Rockhampton) from a single 70 litre tank of fuel. The record was set in a Peugeot 406 HDi.

Our second record, originally set in 2004 and then broken again in 2008, was for the overall round Australia fuel economy.

The 2004 trip, in a 307 Touring 1.6 HDi travelled a distance of 14,634 at an average of 3.49 l/100km. Bettering that effort was a trip 4 years later, this time in a 308 1.6 HDi. The figures are even more amazing, with a distance of 14,580km travelled at an average of just 3.13 l/100km.

The cars used in each trip were completely unmodified from what you would find on the showroom floor. Making the 308's world record even more remarkable was that the car was carrying the additional weight of two people plus luggage needed for the 25 day trip.