Future Developments

Peugeot future developments

Future Developments

At Peugeot, we're always striving to make our cars more efficient and to have less impact on the environment. That's why we're investing in developing new technologies and using fewer CO2-emitting fuels as an alternative to petrol and diesel.

Hybrid HDi technology

An important step we're taking is the introduction of a combination of our HDi FAP technology and a powerful electric motor. This will further reduce fuel consumption and emissions compared to the savings we've already made with our HDi Technology. At low speeds and when a driver slows down the electric motor powers the car; at steady speeds the HDi engine is used and both engines work together when accelerating.

Hybrid HDi technology can reduce consumption and CO2 emissions by about 35% compared to a traditional diesel engine. At the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show we were able to show a marked reduction in consumption and CO2 emissions to 90g/km - overall an improvement of 38% over an equivalent standard diesel engine.

Fuel cells

This technology uses hydrogen and oxygen to drive an electric motor. The only emissions are heat, water and electricity. It's been a commitment of ours to bring this technology to the forecourt and we've produced several demo cars to illustrate the progress we're making.

Our latest concept car, the 207 Epure, is both stunningly stylish and has less of an impact on its environment than a current petrol or diesel car. This innovative car uses the latest Genepac fuel cell, developed with the Atomic Energy Commission.

This has allowed us to showcase a new stage in power, yield and size of the fuel cell, giving a range of 350km/217 miles and a top speed of 80 mph/130 km/h.