HDi Diesel Technology

Advanced Peugeot HDi Diesel Technology

Peugeot HDi: leading the way

With a Peugeot HDi, you're stepping into decades of diesel expertise. The first Peugeot diesel rolled off the production line in 1928, and they have been on sale in Australia since 1978. The Peugeot 504 diesel quickly developed a loyal following - its combination
of size, durability and style were perfect for Australian conditions.

Since that first arrival, Peugeot has always had a diesel model in its Australian range. In fact, Peugeot now sells more HDi diesel cars than petrol in Australia.

Today, when it comes to technical innovation and engineering, Peugeot HDi diesels are leading the way.

peugeot hdi environmental benefits

HDi Environmental Benefits

From using less fossil fuels to cleaner air, read how HDi technology benefits the environment...

peugeot hdi personal benefits

HDi: Personal Benefits

Switching to an 'alternative' such as diesel is not an easy choice. Are there any significant advantages? Will I have to compromise?

how does peugeot hdi work

HDi: How Does It Work?

Peugeot HDi (High-pressure Direct Injection) engines are designed around the revolutionary common rail high pressure injection system. They benefit from the very latest precision engineering and technology to offer outstanding refinement...

peugeot hdi engine range

HDi: Engine Range

Peugeot’s HDi diesel engine range is a result of our passion to produce more fuel efficient engines and reduce emissions...