HDi Diesel

Peugeot HDi Diesel Technology

HDi Diesel

Peugeot's diesel engine technology, HDi, means you can have a less polluting diesel engine that doesn't sacrifice power for improved fuel economy. It's an important part of our future and that of the environment. The HDi (high pressure direct injection) part of the engine helps to reduce CO2 emissions by 20%, carbon monoxide by 40% and NOx gases, compared to standard engines. That means a lot of the nasty fumes are removed or not generated as they would be in a standard diesel engine.

Looking for more reductions? Okay, compared to a standard diesel engine, our world first FAP particle filter technology which is fitted to all our HDi passenger cars also reduces particulates (soot) to a level that's almost immeasurable. Breathe easy - you can feel better about the air quality when you drive with HDi FAP technology.

Are there increases? Well, it gives more kilometres per litre. It does this thanks to some clever technology: diesel is injected at high pressure (up to 1,800 bar), giving a constant, even and complete combustion. This means you can go further on a tank of fuel without compromising performance.

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