The History of Peugeot

Peugeot: 200 Years of Innovation

As an industrial manufacturer, Peugeot has been engineering and innovating since 1810. And our involvement in the automotive industry is pretty hard to beat.  The car as we know it (i.e. with an internal combustion engine) was invented in 1879 - we’ve been making cars since 1889. In fact we are the world's oldest continuous car brand and second oldest car manufacturer. And, over the past 200 years or so, we’ve continually stayed at the forefront of stylish design, reliable engineering and driving pleasure. Take a look through some of the key dates that make us unique.

peugeot s industrial origins

Industrial Origins

Peugeot's industrial adventure was born in 1810 in a steel foundry set up in a converted flour mill. The factory produced manufactured objects, saws and watch and clock mechanisms. Success and prosperity were not long in arriving, thanks to the quality of the products, which were already being exported. This quality came to be symbolised in the emblem of the lion...

the history of the peugeot lion

The Peugeot Lion

For over 150 years, the proud symbol of the lion has embodied the image of quality associated with Peugeot. Over the decades, the lion has been the link between the products, which have been as countless as they are incredibly diverse: from hand tools to automobiles...

peugeot in australia

Peugeot in Australia

Peugeot first appeared in Australia during the early 1900s with official documentation confirming formal distributor agreements in the early 1920s. But 1949 was the year the brand was first represented nationally, and have had a continuous presence in the country since...

key peugeot events

Key Events

Take a look through some of the key dates that make us unique...