Peugeot Innovations

Peugeot Innovations

At Peugeot, we pride ourselves in innovation. But for any of our ideas to make it as far as the drawing board, we have to see true merit for you the driver. There are countless techy bells and whistles that we could develop for our cars, but we like to be able to say that all our inventions meet a genuine need. For example the 607 was the first car ever to be fitted with a self-regenerating particulate filter (FAP) as standard that drastically cuts exhaust pollution. To find out more about our innovative spirit, click on the links below.

peugeot e-hdi micro hybrid technology

e-HDi Micro Hybrid

Also known as micro hybrid technology, Stop and Start, Peugeot’s e-HDi technology switches the engine off when you’re stopped at traffic lights or stuck in a jam. It then automatically restarts the engine when you need to move off...

peugeot hdi diesel hybrid technology

HDi Diesel Hybrid

Many technological innovations aimed at cutting fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are being introduced by Peugeot according to specific market requirements, all aimed at protecting the environment. In fact, Peugeot is currently the European leader for low-consumption and low-CO2 emission vehicles...

peugeot fuel cell technology

Fuel Cell Technology

In a global context where the need to consume less energy and reduce CO2 emissions is paramount, Peugeot is continuing its technological research into clean and economical vehicles...

fap particle filter

FAP Particle Filter

Introduced on the 607 in 2000 in a world debut, the FAP particle filter is a system that has become a worldwide standard. It is now fitted to all Australian Peugeot HDi passenger cars...

egc electronic gearbox control

EGC - Electronic Gearbox Control

Peugeot's intelligent new transmission technology, EGC Electronic Gearbox Control, is available in the 308 and 508...