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05 03 2009Geneva Motorshow

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 makes global debut in Geneva

Peugeot stages the world premiere of its new “crossover” vehicle the 3008, at the 79th Geneva motor show

New technology, new approach to driving: The 3008
The Peugeot 3008 is a new, compact and spacious vehicle, representing a totally new offering for today’s motorists. Due to its many strengths the 3008 will appeal to many buyers, such as couples, modern families, senior citizens and active young people who desire a type of car which does not fall into existing categories, such as hatchbacks and MPVs.

It will also introduce a range of new technologies such as grip control, dynamic roll control, a heads-up display, distance alert as well as an automatic electric parking brake, which will further contribute to driving enjoyment and safety.

The 3008 is also respectful to the environment with an efficient range of engine options, with CO2 emissions starting from a mere 130g per kilometre.

308 CC: the most desirable of the Coupé-Cabriolets
With the introduction of the 308 CC, Peugeot is strengthening its status as leader in the Coupé-Cabriolet sector. This new CC associates elegance, expressive design and dynamic performance with a blend of comfort and enjoyment, while expressing good road holding. Its innovative comfort and safety equipment symbolises its top-of-the-range credentials: a neck heating system (airwave system), active roll-over protection bars and the world’s first side head airbag built into the front seats.

An offer of global and durable mobility
This 79th Geneva show also provides Peugeot with the opportunity to illustrate the Company’s leading role as a producer of low CO2 vehicles and other key environmental initiatives, whether it is a two, three or four wheel vehicle.

One of the objectives of the Company is to offer everyone a mobility solution that reduces both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. This strategy has been achieved through research and the adoption of relevant environmentally friendly technical solutions. Today, Peugeot is the uncontested European leader in vehicles offering low consumption and low CO2 emissions.

1 in every 6 new vehicles sold in Europe emitting less than 120 g of CO2 / km is a Peugeot.
This performance is illustrated in the Company's exhibition space by a 207 1.6-litre HDi FAP model, which offers a particularly efficient technical package (specifically: optimised aerodynamics and engine calibration, etc), which will soon allow it to reduce its emissions to 99g/km of CO2.

In order to maintain and strengthen this leadership, the Company is investing in future technology as well:

- In the hybrid field, the concept cars present on the stand are proof of the progress of the group in new generation hybridisation; less than two years from its launch, the 3008 will be the first hybrid vehicle available across the group’s range.

- Peugeot is also engaged in micro-hybridisation; second generation Stop&Start systems will be introduced across the range from 2011. With regard to the electric car, Peugeot, which has been a pioneer in this field since 1995 with the 106 (the most popular electric car in the world so far) and is pursuing more than ever its active monitoring based on the most promising technologies.
Peugeot's plan of action for the near future is to promote a new relationship with driving based on vehicles that are even more respectful of the environment and the public and which are exemplary in terms of safety.

Prologue HYbrid4, RC HYbrid4 and HYbrid3 Compressor concept vehicles are the demonstrators of the Company's environmental approach.

This HYbrid technology, which combines a conventional diesel or petrol engine with an electric motor, allows a real break-through in terms of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Each power source can function separately (zero emission mode with electric motor only) or together, which also allows an increase in power and, in particular, can provide “all-wheel” drive capabilities as well.


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