Jan 13 - Mar 13  : Peugeot RCZ Triumphant at Bathurst 12 Hour

14 02 2013Peugeot RCZ Triumphant at Bathurst 12 Hour


Peugeot RCZ at Bathurst 12 Hour

Peugeot RCZ triumphant at the Bathurst 12 Hour Discover the Peugeot RCZ


Team Peugeot RCZ has finished the Bathurst 12-hour event in an impressive position – first and second in their class.

At the end of the 12-hours, Car 21 (driven by French driver Bruce Jouanny and V8 Supercar drivers Andrew Jones and David Wall) climbed 20 positions from the start to finish 16th overall and first in the class.

Car 20 (driven by Jason Bright, Stephane Caillet and Julien Rueflin) was forced to pit during the race after a fuel tank issue lead to a tank change. But, the car continued on to finish the race and, after dropping to 36th position while in the pits, ended up clawing back to 23rd – an impressive result after being out of the race for an hour and a half.

Peugeot RCZ Sport Team Manager Cyrus Ayari was very happy with the team’s overall results.

"I’m very happy for Peugeot Australia" he said. "Our two cars had really only minor issues because the fuel tank leak was the consequence of a crash incident. It was racing – the drivers did zero mistakes in tricky conditions, the team was fantastic – no mistakes.
In true Bathurst form, the heavens opened up over the mountain in the last two hours of the race which created perfect conditions to show off the handling capabilities of the RCZ.

"In strategy in the first 10 hours we were not lucky enough. Every safety car wasn’t entering the track in our favor. So then the rain comes and the track became very tricky and thanks to the handling of our car we managed to get out of the trouble and our competitors they went into the wall more than they were supposed to."

"We are one/two in or category which was expected but, it’s very important, we did 16th overall among much bigger cars than ours with two to three times more power. How could we demonstrate more acutely that you don’t need a huge car to go fast? The handling is fantastic and all through race we were among the quickest." said Olivier Perez, General Manager.

French driver Bruce Jouanny in the winning car said: "It’s about car reliability, the team’s car preparation and the team’s experience. From the driver’s it is no mistakes. The six drivers they are professional drivers. And consistency is so important. Even if our lap times are not the fastest overall we were all capable of lapping in the same second for 12 hours."

The Peugeot Sport RCZ’s are powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine producing 190kW @ 6500rpm, 290Nm @ 3500-5500rpm. The suspension has been modified, an additional fuel tank allows 100 litres of fuel to be carried and a modification has been made to the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

The RCZs competed in the new Invitational Class (I1) for cars up to 1600cc.

Andrew Jones, team driver of the winning RCZ said the team’s help and support and knowledge was paramount in the win.

"I would like to thank Peugeot for making it happen within Australia and France. Without support motor racing doesn’t happen and there was plenty of it from both parties," said Andrew Jones.

"Secondly to Cyrus, Eric and Olivier and the whole team - thanks for welcoming us and making us comfortable from the outset. 12-hour style racing is very different (to V8s) and they were willing to pass on our knowledge to give us the best result."


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