Jul 08 - Sep 08  : 50 Million Peugeots Produced

14 07 200850 Million Peugeots Produced

The 50 Millionth Peugeot

Peugeot has built over 50 million cars


50 Million Peugeot Vehicles Produced – 1889 to 2008

As the world’s oldest continuous motoring brand, Peugeot has gone from strength to strength since 1889, and is proud to announce the production of its 50-millionth vehicle. From its pioneering days as a family business, Peugeot has expanded beyond recognition in little more than a century. From its current 24 production sites around the world, the company has produced more than 160 individual models, from the 201 to the 308.

A future rich in innovation
Peugeot’s history has seen many innovations, from the first four-cylinder engine on the Type 39 in 1902, to the latest petrol engines developed through the co-operation between PSA Peugeot Citroën and the BMW Group. Peugeot was also the first manufacturer to introduce a Diesel Particulate Emission Filter as standard on the 607 in 2000. This technology can now be found on more than 1.8 million HDi diesel powered Peugeot vehicles around the world. For the future, Peugeot will remain a manufacturer at the cutting edge of technological innovation. From the start of the next decade, Peugeot will be producing vehicles equipped with second-generation Stop & Start systems on a massive scale, as well as vehicles with diesel-hybrid technology.

An environmentally-friendly future
Over the years Peugeot has demonstrated its intention to lead by example through its commitment to reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental footprint of its vehicles. Since 2001, more than 1,100,000 vehicles emitting less than 120g of CO2/km have been registered by Peugeot in Europe. In 2007, 40% of private cars registered by Peugeot emitted less than 130g of CO2/km, making the manufacturer one of the undisputed leaders in the field of reducing CO2 emissions. Peugeot intends to develop this competitive environmental benefit even further. It is the only car manufacturer in the world to have a concrete global policy in place regarding CO2 . Furthermore, since 1998 and in addition to all its other activities, Peugeot has been conducting a major reforestation project in Amazonia which, over a 40 year period, aims to help balance out carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

The 50-millionth Peugeot, a Peugeot 308, was produced at Peugeot’s manufacturing site at Sochaux, France in late June 2008.


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