Jul 08 - Sep 08  : New Peugeot 308 CC at Sydney Motorshow

08 09 2008New Peugeot 308 CC at Sydney Motorshow

Peugeot 308 CC

New Peugeot 308 CC

Peugeot to Showcase New 308 CC at the Australian International Motor Show

As the pioneer of “folding roof cars” with its elegant 401, 601 and 402 “Eclipse” models from the 1930s, Peugeot now reveals details of its latest coupé cabriolet, the 308 CC.

It’s now over seven years since Peugeot introduced its best known coupé cabriolet, the 206 CC, which brought the ownership experience of a hard-topped convertible to within reach of all motorists. Following on from this hugely popular model, Peugeot led the trend away from soft-tops to the comfort and security of metal folding roofs with the introduction of its current 307 CC and 207 CC models.

Peugeot is once again at the forefront of the convertible segment with the announcement the all new 308 CC.

The 308 CC, with its four full-size seats, capitalises on all the inbuilt strengths of the 308 range whilst still embodying the “307 CC spirit” and Peugeot’s coupé cabriolet expertise. Above all, it promises enthusiasts of “lifestyle” motoring a unique and genuinely attractive offer.

The 308 CC will offer features usually reserved for far more expensive convertibles, such as the introduction of a warm air heating system built into the front seats. This “Airwave” system acts like a scarf by diffusing warm air adjustable for temperature, flow and direction around the occupant’s shoulders / neck.

Only one week after its global debut at the Paris Motor show, the 308CC will make its southern hemisphere debut at the Australian International Motor Show, which opens on October 9. The Australian public will have an opportunity to preview the car before it goes on sale here in April next year.


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