Jul 10 - Sep 10

22 09 2010The Peugeot EX1 Concept Car

peugeot ex1 concept car

Peugeot’s latest concept car is a 100% electric, visually striking two-seater roadster with futuristic styling and an original architecture, designed to offer intense driving sensations as a celebration of the Marque’s 200th anniversary.


21 09 2010Peugeot Launches Insure My Peugeot with Allianz

insure my peugeot

It is with great pleasure that Peugeot Automobiles Australia announce the roll out of a range of insurance products including a dealer contract warranty specific to Peugeot.


03 09 2010RCZ: The Emotions Of Style

peugeot rcz

More than just the embodiment of a concept car, the RCZ Sports Coupé marks a new stage in the line up of Peugeot’s “leisure vehicles”, whilst also being the first Peugeot product to benefit from the latest Peugeot Lion brand identity.


25 08 2010Peugeot Offers Low CO2 Levels

peugeot offers low co2 levels

In a bold move Peugeot has taken the initiative when it comes to reducing emissions.


17 08 2010Peugeot Redex Tribute 2010 – Wrap Up

peugeot redex tribute 2010

In a wake of red dust, the two Peugeot 3008 Redex Tribute vehicles have completed their mission – to pay respect to those courageous souls of the 1953 Redex and to demonstrate the dynamism of the new Peugeot 3008, on a journey over fifteen days and just over 10,000 kilometres around Australia.


11 08 2010Peugeot Continues Support of White Lions

peugeot supports white lions

It was FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29 2006 when Peugeot Australia announced their commitment to support the first white lions ever born in Australia at Mogo Zoo on the south coast of New South Wales. And today we are pleased to announce that the commitment continues.


14 07 2010Peugeot Reveals All-New 508

new peugeot 508

Peugeot has unveiled the all-new 508 ahead of its public debut at the Paris motorshow in October. It will be released in Australia in Q3 of 2011.


12 07 2010Peugeot 3008 Redex Tribute

peugeot 3008 redex tribute

It was 1953 when Peugeot became a household name in this country after a stunning victory in the very first Redex Trial.