Jul 10 - Sep 10  : Peugeot Continues Support of White Lions

11 08 2010Peugeot Continues Support of White Lions


Peugeot Supports White Lions

Peugeot continues support of the White Lions at Mogo Zoo View Image Gallery


It was FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29 2006 when Peugeot Australia announced their commitment to support the first white lions ever born in Australia at Mogo Zoo on the south coast of New South Wales. And today we are pleased to announce that the commitment continues.

Then, the addition of these two newborn cubs was an exciting occurrence as this endangered species, which had been extinct in the wild for over 12 years, was under serious threat. The two new additions –aptly named Purr and Joe - represented a major step forward in global efforts to keep the species alive. 

This breeding program remains active in Australia today due to the dedicated efforts of the team at Mogo Zoo. Through the Zoo’s facilities, conservation, public education efforts and care of these rare beauties, they have successfully bred a total of nine white lion cubs since the inception of the breeding program in 2006.

Peugeot has always “prided” itself on being environmentally aware and this is shown today with the economical, environmentally friendly range of vehicles available. Peugeot is recognised as a world-wide leader in diesel engine manufacture and has developed ground-breaking technology to deliver HDi diesels which are environmentally friendly due to the use of innovative particulate filters, which eliminate harmful emissions usually associated with diesel cars.

Not only are Peugeot HDi models better for the environment they are also extremely economical and offer outstanding performance due to their advanced engine technology. 

Peugeot is further cementing its position as a diesel technology leader and environmentally-committed brand with the groundbreaking Peugeot Hybrid4 HDi diesel, a car which provides a 30% improvement in fuel economy over a conventional car and 25% over a petrol hybrid car.

The diesel Hybrid4 highlights Peugeot’s commitment to protecting the environment by significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions, while operating, in a stylish body shape, with the practicalities of real world use.

Mogo Zoo’s commitment and continuing success with various global breeding programs is integral to the conservation of many of the world’s endangered species.  This success has elevated Mogo Zoo’s international profile and significantly highlighted the plight of endangered species.  Zoos today play an essential role in securing the future of threatened species and the success of Mogo Zoo’s white lion breeding program is a testament to this assertion.

“With the lion as Peugeot’s corporate identity, the clear and immediate connection to Purr and Joe is an obvious one, so the opportunity to work with Mogo Zoo and contribute towards the survival of these beautiful and endangered lions makes perfect sense. Furthermore, our commitment to minimising our carbon footprint and creating vehicles which are eco-friendly in many ways ties in so well with our commitment to support the conservation of these beautiful animals.”  General Manager / Director, Peugeot Australia, Ken Thomas said.

Peugeot is proud to announce that it will continue its corporate sponsorship of Mogo Zoo’s white lion breeding program for a further year in an effort to support the zoo’s vision to save the species from the threat of extinction.


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  • purr and joe - white lion cubs born in 2006
    Purr and Joe - white lion cubs born in 2006
  • adolescent white lion and peugeot 207 cc
    Adolescent white lion and Peugeot 207 CC
  • adult male white lion
    Adult male white lion
  • adult white lions
    Adult white lions