Jul 10 - Sep 10  : Peugeot Launches Insure My Peugeot with Allianz

21 09 2010Peugeot Launches Insure My Peugeot with Allianz


Insure My Peugeot



It is with great pleasure that Peugeot Automobiles Australia announce the roll out of a range of insurance products including a dealer contract warranty specific to Peugeot.

Peugeot Automobiles Australia entered into a marketing agreement with Allianz Australia Insurance (Allianz) to develop and market Allianz products specifically for Peugeot customers.

The principal aim of this initiative is to provide support to Peugeot customers and increase customer retention and ultimately increase new car sales. This initiative is a significant step toward improving the overall network result.

Operating in Australia since 1914 as MMI, Allianz acquired MMI in 1998 followed by the renaming of the company to the Allianz brand in 2000.  In Australia and New Zealand, Allianz employs approximately 3,300 people and has over two million policyholders.

Allianz Australia is part of the global Allianz Group, the world’s largest property and casualty insurer and comes highly recommended from those we spoke to within the Peugeot network. 

Founded in 1890 in Germany, the Allianz Group has subsidiary companies in more than 70 countries with over 150,000 employees and 75 million customers.
Roll Out
As part of the launch of the Allianz association, Peugeot Australia will incorporate the Dealer Contract Warranty Product (Peugeot Approved Extended Warranty) in the September sales period onwards. 

Between now and September most Peugeot Australia dealers will be in a position to market the InsureMyPeugeot marked products.

There are two warranty products that will be available under the program. Both of the below tabled products are tailored to closely mirror the existing Automobiles Peugeot Warranty using Peugeot genuine parts and have the same level of benefits associated with the roadside  assistance package already afforded to Peugeot customers.
Peugeot Approved Extended Warranty (Sold at vehicle point of sale only)

This product is intended to be used for both New Peugeot and Peugeot Approved Used vehicles at the Point of Sale of the vehicle to the customer.
Peugeot Assured Extended Warranty Insurance (After Point of sale and within the initial factory warranty period)

This product will primarily be sold to existing service clients who wish to purchase an extended warranty and is intended to be primarily sold through the Dealer Service Department.
General Insurance Products

To specifically promote general insurance products to Peugeot customers, Peugeot Automobiles Australia have developed a branding concept known as InsureMyPeugeot.  This offers a range of products for Peugeot vehicles and customers.

These include:-
-         Motor Vehicle Insurance
-         Motor Equity Insurance
-         Consumer Loan Protection Insurance          
-         Business Loan Protection Insurance

We are certain that this program will be a welcome addition to the product offerings that are available along side the Peugeot brand in Australia and as part of our strategy for complete Aftercare.


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