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04 07 2011Peugeot e-HDi Micro Hybrid Technology


Peugeot e-HDi micro hybrid technology


In 2004 Peugeot (PSA) pioneered a micro-hybrid 'stop & start' starter-alternator technology. Over the following thirty six months more than 30 patents were filed and a total investment of 3 million EUROS was made with nearly 500 PSA technicians and engineers involved. Peugeot has been extremely proactive in taking up the environmental challenge and intends going even further, reaching several key milestones for sustainable mobility – along the way producing a brand-defining initiative.

In 2009 Jean-Marc Gales, Executive Vice President, Brands, and Christian Chapelle, Director of Powertrain and Chassis Engineering, presented the world premiere of e-HDi, a new generation STOP & START system which combines a reversible starter-alternator with a diesel engine. STOP & START technology turns off a car’s engine whenever the car is at rest - for example at a stop light or in a traffic jam, and then restarts it instantaneously as needed.

This latest innovation, which delivers improvements of up to 15% in an HDi engine’s fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions, will be available on the Peugeot 508 and 308 series II from Q4, 2011 in Australia.

The e-HDi system’s unrivalled performance reflects the forward-looking combination of several technologies:

  • A 1.6ltr HDi EURO 5 compliant diesel engine delivering 82kW of power at 3600 rpm and 270 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm - one of Peugeot’s most efficient powerplants.
  • A STOP & START system with a second-generation reversible starter-alternator (i-STARS - Starter Alternator Reversible System supplied by Valeo).
  • An e-booster system, for instantaneous engine restart.
  • An electronic alternator management system, for regenerative braking.
  • A gearbox with optimised gear ratios.
  • A stopwatch displaying how long the engine has been switched off for the current journey.

308 1.6 e-HDi six speed EGC
(hatch / wagon)

508 1.6 e-HDi six speed EGC

Combined Cycle (litres per 100km)

4.2 / 4.3


CO2 Emissions (grams per km)

109 / 112


During the presentation, Mr. Gales said: “I’m convinced that our e-HDi technology will quickly become the new market standard, just like the HDi engine in its time, and a source of major competitive advantage for Peugeot.Our e-HDi engines deliver the highest performance, in terms of fuel efficiency and carbon emissions, but also in terms of driving pleasure, with instantaneous engine restart, no vibrations and no noise.”

The defining characteristic of e-HDi is the stop & start technology which restarts in 400 milliseconds (twice as fast as a manual key start), is completely transparent to the driver, with no noise or vibrations and has a broad operating range. Ken Thomas, General Manager / Director of Peugeot Australia commented, “The introduction of e-HDi technology for Peugeot’s 508 and 308 ranges will further augment our commitment to introducing and producing fuel efficient technology and low emission engines. This innovative technology will appeal to a broad spectrum of customers who are looking for vehicles that offer true European heritage, style, driving enjoyment and environmental considerations.”

The e-HDi technology will enable Peugeot to strengthen the Marque’s lead in low-carbon producing vehicles. The launch is part of a vast strategy to deploy technological innovations designed to offer every customer a low carbon vehicle which suits his or her individual needs.


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