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Peugeot Menu Price Servicing

Menu Price Service

Peugeot Menu Price Service has been designed to take the mystery out of maintaining your Peugeot. Menu Price Service offers total transparency and is based on the concept that, as a valued customer, you have the right to know in advance what the service will cost, exactly what will be done and which parts, if any, will be replaced. You have the right to expect value for money and be able to speak to someone who knows your car and can give you a clear understanding of what’s involved in its service.

So not only does your car benefit from correct maintenance that ensures years of trouble-free motoring, you benefit from the certainty of a completely transparent process and the accompanying peace of mind.

Your local Authorised Peugeot Dealership prominently displays Menu Price Service information which enables you to clearly identify the cost of each scheduled service for your Peugeot model - as well as several other key maintenance packages which include everything from brake pad and battery replacement, to coolant drain & refill. Alternatively, they will be happy to provide you with a quote over the telephone when you book in for a service.