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03 11 20085th Peugeot Design Contest

5th Design Contest Winner - RD Concept Car

RD Concept Car

5th Peugeot Design Competition – Winner Announced

The 5th Peugeot Design Competition, whose theme was "Imagine the Peugeot of the future World Megalopolis", met with resounding success, with over 2,500 projects submitted by participants from 95 different nationalities.

The competition produced some excellent entries, and first prize was awarded to Carlos Tovar from Colombia, aged 25, for is ‘RD’ concept car. Second was Emre Yazici from Turkey with ‘Ego’ and in third place was Lou Ke from China with ‘Oxo’.

The prizewinning projects as described by their designers:

PEUGEOT RD by Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar- Colombia – 25 years old

The Peugeot RD concept, which functions mainly through an ingenious articulation process, has impeccable road-holding properties, as well as the ability to thread its way easily through urban traffic. Fitted with an environmentally-friendly electric engine, this single-seater concept car has a driving position that gives a new feeling of freedom with its panoramic view, vocal driving assistance and a head-up display system that gives all the information needed for safe journeys.

This concept combines the sensations of a 3-wheel scooter with the driving pleasure of a saloon, while retaining the functionalities vital to the combination of these two transport modes… with the addition of silence.

Accessible, tough, and extremely simple, the Peugeot RD concept is perfectly adapted to the environment of the future megalopolis with complex mobility constraints.

PEUGEOT EGO – Emre Yazici – Turkey – 45 years old

The Peugeot EGO vehicle is designed for serenity: accessible, sturdy and easy to use. EGO is totally environmentally-friendly. At rush hour in large towns and cities, most vehicles only carry one passenger. EGO has been designed with this in mind. Its weight, equivalent to one quarter of a traditional saloon, means it can be 100% electrically powered.

Why use four wheels when two will do? EGO only has two wheels, but it is the safest vehicle in its category, thanks to its enveloping shape. Finally, EGO is not affected by bad weather: you can drive it all year round, whatever the conditions. Its unique compact form and its door opening system that takes up no additional room enables the vehicle to be parked in smaller spaces.

The flexible windscreen incorporates a head-up display system and acts as the way in and out, rolling up into the cylinder at the rear of the vehicle. In the same way, the boot lid rolls under the floor when opened. The car is driven by changing the rotation speed of the wheels, each of which is independent so the car can make U-turns on the spot. The EGO’s agility is unequalled, the vehicle is manoeuvred and the speed is controlled with a joystick.

OXO – Lou Ke – China – 22 years old

The OXO concept is a direct reference to the numbering of Peugeot models. Initially called "x0x", the name of this concept wanted to take the central 0 of the Lion Marque and was surrounded by two "xx" to demonstrate its futuristic character.

However, in view of the special nature of this concept car, articulated around an "X-shaped" axis, the inversion of the 0 and the X gave it its name "OXO". Resolutely modern and environmentally-friendly, the Peugeot OXO is a 100% electric vehicle.

Its major innovation lies in its articulation since the "X" system allows it to reduce its size considerably when parking, as well as during driving, as for example going through narrow streets. With its highly creative wheel system, this concept car can move sideways, pivot around itself… its urban mobility is optimum.

Another innovation is the use of a "Peugeot Phone" console that allows the driver to control the vehicle manually or in automatic. The "Stress-free driving" option enables the two occupants to optimise their trip or quite simply relax and enjoy the landscape.

The 5th Peugeot Design Competition has been a great success, with over 600,000 visitors to the Competition website. As the first automobile design competition at international level, the Peugeot Design Competition still thrills young designers who dream of a responsible world where mobility works for man, and is environmentally-friendly. Hybrid engine, electric engine, fuel cell, as well as compactness are some of the solutions explored by the designers to guarantee this balanced union between man and machine.


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