Oct 11 - Dec 11  : Peugeot Just Won Again

15 11 2011Peugeot Just Won Again


Peugeot Intercontinental Le Mans Cup

Peugeot 908 Intercontinental Le Mans Cup Race Car  


It’s a race series that not many Australians have heard of and it’s a long way away, but Peugeot have just won again.

Actually Peugeot had it won before the last round even started.

It’s called the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup (ILMC) and it consists of seven races held around the northern hemisphere. The final race, in China, was completed at the weekend and Peugeot’s dominating 908s finished one-two.

It was Peugeot’s fourth one-two finish of the series and the sixth win from seven races.

Actually it was very sporting of Peugeot to go to China at all given that they had the series won after the second-last round in the United States.

To summarise: the seven races of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, from a Peugeot perspective:

  • Six wins
  • Five pole positions
  • Four one-two finishes
  • Seven fastest race laps
  • One all-Peugeot front row
  • 13 podium finishes

As a manufacturer, Peugeot finished the series with 211 points. The runners up managed 119. As a team Peugeot scored 113 points while number two amassed 85 and number three got 50.

The final race of the 2011 season in Zhuhai, China was decided by strategy. “Given the heat and the track conditions, we chose to alter our strategy during the race”, explained Sébastien Bourdais. “I did a triple stint, two of which were on the same tyres. This enabled us to pull away from the Audis, who were very quick.” This bold choice paid dividends, as Sébastien Bourdais and Anthony Davidson secured their second win of the season together by adopting a good pace from start to finish.

Exemplary reliability, with only one DNF this year, low fuel consumption and low tyre wear are just some of its strong points. Anthony Davidson, driver of Peugeot 908 n°7 commented, “It was an interesting race; very close and all about strategy. The car’s handling was perfect. The hotter it became, the more rubber there was on the track - all the better it was for us. We’re all very happy with the way the season has gone. We have shown the Peugeot 908 and Team Peugeot Total to have very good performance levels at all the tracks.”

The IMLC 2012 season commences in 46 days, 14 hours and 26 seconds. Peugeot have already instigated their strategy for next year and it starts with WIN!


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