Preferred Panel Repairers

Peugeot Preferred Panel Repairers

Don’t get short-changed on quality

If you have an accident, your insurer will choose the repairer, and quality of repair won’t necessarily be a priority for them. But it’s your car so it should be your choice. Make sure you demand the best – demand a Peugeot Preferred Panel Repairer to restore your car to its former glory.

Before being appointed repairers were subjected to a rigorous selection process which included inspection of premises and equipment as well as reputation in the industry and customer satisfaction. Only those that met or exceeded Peugeot's standards were appointed as a Peugeot Preferred Panel Repairer.

They have ready access to Peugeot technical information and use Peugeot approved repair methods. Fitting only Peugeot Genuine Parts is a key part in restoring accident damaged vehicles with original integrity. Nobody is better placed to make your Peugeot as good as new.

To find out more about a Preferred Panel Repairer, call your local dealer.