Servicing your Peugeot

Servicing Your Peugeot

The AfterCare service your Peugeot deserves

There’s no-one more qualified or more committed to work on your vehicle than an Authorised Peugeot Dealer. Our dealers have invested in facilities, staff, genuine Peugeot parts stock and specialised Peugeot tools such as the Peugeot computerised auto diagnostics system. They’re also the only service centres approved by Peugeot Automobiles Australia for the servicing and repair of Peugeot vehicles. Staffed by Peugeot technicians who continuously undergo extensive factory training in Peugeot maintenance and repair techniques and using only Peugeot genuine parts, Authorised Peugeot Dealerships ensure the integrity of your vehicle remains preserved.

Your investment in a new Peugeot is protected by the use of the Peugeot Dealer Network for all routine maintenance and repairs. By following factory service and repair protocols, the safety, reliability and integrity of the vehicle are maintained. Vehicles that can demonstrate a complete log book history of services performed by the manufacturer’s Dealer Network tend to attract higher resale or trade-in values.

Your local Authorised Peugeot Dealership cares for your Peugeot as much as you do.

assured service plan

Assured Service Plan

Set price for each of the first three scheduled service operations on selected Peugeot models.
menu price service

Menu Price Servicing

No hidden surprises when you service your Peugeot at a Peugeot Dealer
recommended service intervals

Recommended Service Intervals

Need to find out when should you service your Peugeot?
service schedule

Scheduled Services

Not all services are the same - find out what is included in each service
peugeot oil recommendations

Oil recommendations

Make sure your Peugeot's engine has the best, use Total oils
service loan car

Service Loan Cars

Taking the inconvenience out of servicing your Peugeot
peugeot service offers

Service Offers

Contact your Dealer for any current service offers they are promoting