Turbo Power

Peugeot HDi with Turbo Power

Turbo Power

Due to their low revving nature, diesel engines were traditionally down on power compared to a similar sized petrol engine. Which is why Peugeot fit turbo chargers to all of our HDi engines. Our V6 HDi even has two of them!

A turbo charger forces air into the combustion chamber, creating more combustion force and therefore, more power. The variable geometry of our turbo chargers adjusts the gas flow cross section at the inlet of the turbine wheel in order to optimise turbine power depending on the speed of the engine. The net effect of the variable geometry turbos are an increase in both low and high speed torque, improved acceleration performance and responsiveness, increased peak torque, improved fuel economy and the elimination of turbo lag.

Peugeot’s turbo technology also includes an intercooler which cools the air coming out of the turbo before it goes into the engine. This assists in creating more power.

The result is that the power output and performance figures of our HDi engines are similar to our equivalent sized petrol engines, albeit with a much higher torque output. So you can expect even better performance from our HDi diesels than a similar sized petrol engine.

The high torque nature of Peugeot HDi engines in combination with turbo power ensure an exhilarating drive every time.